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Product details

Focus on bicycle transmission system custom production and processing

8M 60T-28T

Model No.: KB-F60R28RED

■ Front Wheel:60T

■ Rear Wheel:28T

■ Belt Length:1280mm

■ Teeth:8M

■ Ratio:2

■ Material:Alloy

Bicycle transmission systemFourbig advantage

For more than 20 years of deep ploughing transmission system, we never slack off in demanding details

  • Long-term stable supply in time

  • More cost-effective products

  • Patented technology · Stronger performance

  • Better quality · More comprehensive categories

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    Integrated design, sales, installation, service in one

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    We have a strong team of technical consultants, according to customer needs to assist in the development and selection, participate in the test to solve problems

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    Assist customers to optimize product design, maintain delivery quality and accurate delivery time

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    We will abide by the commitment to complete the task of customer delivery, to become the best supplier partner for customers as our service purpose

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